Are you an official charity?

We are a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) and gained our official charity status in November 2020 – Registered Charity Number 1192425

Why should I donate to you over other charities?

At ZCK we believe getting to net zero is the most urgent issue of our day. If you feel the same way you may wish to choose us over other charities. We do doorstep collection because we know how hard it can be to get to a charity shop with young children. We are trying to cause a significant change in shopping behaviour to move towards sustainable fashion and a habitable planet.

Is buying second hand really greener?

There is no pollution or green house gas emissions associated with buying second hand. Every time we extend the use of a garment it reduces the relative carbon, water and waste impact of that garment’s manufacture.

Which tree planting organisations do you work with?

We want to work with organisations that plant trees in the UK, such as:

Stump Up for Trees

How are you minimising risks with respect to COVID-19?

We are holding stalls exclusively outdoors where virus transmission is reduced. We have written a COVID risk assessment in compliance with the governments advice for ‘Working Safely, Shops and Branches‘ advice. We allow customers to handle garments and browse, however we ask that customers observe social distancing and use hand sanitiser (provided) to minimise the risk of viral transmission from clothes.

How do I donate?

Send an email to hello@zerocarbonkids.co.uk and someone will cycle to your house once a date/time has been arranged. We may drive if you have loads!

What do you do with clothes that you cannot sell?

Anything we cannot sell will be donated to good causes including Pram Depot and Help Refugees.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to get involved further please get in touch, especially if you live outside of London and would like to start ZCK in you town/city. Join us and help us get this movement going nationwide!